Remedies for cold

Herpes is a name of a group of viruses that causes an excruciating sores and blisters. Herpes can occur at two basic places, one as a cold sore in the mouth and the other is the genital herpes. Chickenpox is also caused by a different kind of herpes.

Symptoms of herpes include tingling, itching, red skin, stinging, blister, yellow scab which occurs on the lips or cheeks, but can be found on tongue, gums, even eyelids. There are the oral herpes which are caused due to kissing. Children are more prone in getting the same. This is a very infectious disease and so contact with the infected person should be avoided

Herpes are caused by the virus that is passed on to the person in contact with body fluids like the saliva, tears when the elements of Herpes are present. Genital Herpes is transferred sexually. Once this has been cured it can relapse again. To prevent the re occurrence personal hygiene should be give extra emphasis because the virus remains in your system for life. There is currently no such cure or vaccine for Herpes.

Cure for the herpes are available but some of the home remedies are helpful. Black tea bags are used because they are antiviral and anti inflammatory. An ice pack can be used to soothe the active sore. Honey too can be utilized as a home remedy. Aloe Vera helps in reducing the outbreak in the skin that is left as a scab. Also it relives from intense itching. Using some baking powder and then patting cotton with it over the infected area will be effective. Apart from these Eucalyptus oil, olive oil, mallow roots and marsh mallow roots, foods rich in vitamins, zinc and iron, drinking a cup of peppermint tea would be effective in lessening the pain and fever. Having leafy vegetables and adequate quantity of water is essential in combating the infection. At times when the pain is sever then pain killers can be taken to get an instant relief

These infections when detected in the initial stage may cause pain and pus as well. These blisters turn into sores and can take a very long time to heal. There is no assured statement certainty that once it’s cured it will not re occur. Its recurrence can be also caused due to stress and sickness. With a little cautions and preventive measures these herpes can be avoided.